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Sue & Stu - A Diary of Two - Stephen Purcell

Sue (Suzanne Conway) and Stu (Stuart Jackson) live in the small city of Rockwood. They have never met, nor do they know of each other. Sue manages a hair salon and spends her days styling the 'who’s who', while Stu manages a record store and typically deals with the 'who’s not'. Though they’ve never met, Sue & Stu do share a common trait, they both keep a diary. A brief encounter between the two sends Stu on a search to find the mystery woman he believes is destined to become his future wife.


Unbeknown to Stu, Sue is busy attempting to be her perfect self. She wants to find the man of her dreams, she wants to settle down, and while she may not admit it to herself or her friends, she’s broody as hell for a baby. Sadly, she’s not having much luck. All her encounters with men have been disastrous. Her mother is in her ear day-in and day-out and she is fearful of spending the rest of her life with her cat, Mr Snuggles.


In a bizarre happenstance, Sue & Stu become an item. Now, their daily diary rants are on each other, not just obscure records and Sue’s mother. Can Stu, the epitome of the ‘man child’ navigate what’s to come? Or will his more recent past catch up to wreak havoc? And what about Sue? Is she ready to embrace this whirlwind situation? Is she capable of coping with Stu’s antics or is she on course for another doomed relationship?

Purcell's grasp on observational humour, pertinent to his "blink-and-you'll-miss-it" one-liners make for a hilarious read. 

Release Date - September, 2019

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Health, Health, Health - Nicole Attwood

" I had never heard the word hypochondria and when it was suggested that I might be suffering from such I did what every hypochondriac would do, I told them, 'I told you so.' Little did I know how this one word, something to me at that time sounded like a term for being unhealthily overweight would change my life forever."


From two attempts on her life to new beginnings with her current partner, Attwood's debut is a gut-wrenching account of living with hypochondriasis.


There is a tender and endearing quality to Attwood's voice that eases the reader into Attwood's shoes and her journey to recovery.

Release Date - Postponed until 2021

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Yes, we cam! - Vivian Brent

It's 2040, terrestrial TV and over the top subscription services are a thing of the past. Cam shows have become the no.1 entertainment choice for millions, and sitting comfortably in the global ratings are Los Angeles twins Lily and Grace Diaz. 

Having suffered from sensory neural hearing loss at a young age, Lily Diaz and her twin sister Grace find fame through their online cam show, 'Buenos Diaz.' As the show's popularity continues to grow, so too, Lily's storied jealousy towards Grace. As fame and fortune continue to motivate Grace, Lily begins utilising her private cam shows with the hope of turning one of her ultimate fanboys into a cold-blooded killer. The victim? Her own flesh and blood, whom many of their fans refer to as 'the hearing one'. 

As we edge closer to dystopia, Brent's take on narcissism, sibling rivalry and the want for those 15 seconds of fame is a thrilling page-turner that will have you hooked from the get-go. 

 Release Date - Postponed until 2021