Lawrence Pendleton has worked in the publishing industry for over 20 years. With stints in Sydney, Singapore, New York and London, his prowess for unique and engaging talent is second to none.  At the turn of the Millenium, Lawrence met his Bristol-born wife while working in New York, and almost nine years to the day relocated to London to set up their own publishing house, Pendleton Press.

Lawrence on founding Pendleton Press

"I was never interested in trends. I liked authors that made me think, that were bold and confident and pushed to boundaries of niche subgenres. Over the years I've seen a plethora of talent pushed to the wayside as they were deemed 'not appropriate' for the company. If I had a dollar for every great manuscript that ended up in the scrap heap, I'd probably be sitting on my own island sipping ice-cold mojitos. With Pendleton, I wanted to explore writers who felt excluded, I wanted to give a voice to the voiceless, I wanted to get these books in the hands of the book lovers, and although it didn't come without sacrifice in an extremely challenging climate, it was through persistence and passion that we fulfilled our vision. And while we don't have a motto per se, the core of our mission is to push the boundaries within commercial fiction. We believe alternative voices need to be heard.'